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Experience more joy

Recently, I crystallized 10 Love Money Purpose Principles that have assisted me as I journey through the business of life. I have personally learned that when I mindfully practice these principles I experience more joy.  These principles are designed to help guide us forward with more ease and grace. My hope is that by sharing these principles that you experience more joy. 1. Presence Presence allows us to listen whole-heartedly without judgment. 2. Pause Pausing allows us to respond to circumstances versus reacting to them. 3. Perseverance Persevering signals that we are learning not failing. 4. Power  Power comes from within. Strength is an inner force, not an external circumstance. 5. Praise Praising the “as is” cultivates an attitude that situations are happening for us, not against us.  6. Possibility Possibilities unfold by being open to the process as compared to controlling the result. 7. Peace Peace as a chosen state of mind allows us to hear our intuitive voice over the external noise. 8. Partnership Partnering enables connection and prevents the isolation of separation. 9. Passion Passion unleashes the playful child within. Without passion we may take life too seriously. 10. Prosperity Prosperity and resources follow commitment to loving actions unattached to an outcome. Lorri Palko is a workshop facilitator, business and life coach. Lorri believes that resources and power are unleashed and that organizations and individuals thrive when they are committed to their purpose, their intention is to serve, and they choose gratitude and love. For more information on Lorri's services, events, and consultations visit or email

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