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Get more clarity and insight from Lorri about what makes leaders and cultures great.

About Lorri

"I have an unwavering belief in unlimited possibilities."

A proven leader, teacher, and advocate for successful, purpose-based organizations, Lorri coaches, mentors, strengthens team cultures, and builds sound financial strategies.


Show Me the Money


Lorri understands how business thrives.


A former President, and CEO for the Morgan Corporation a truck part manufacturer in Pennsylvania, Lorri oversaw eight locations, annual sales of over $200 million with 1,000+ employees. During her time there, she established a servant-based leadership philosophy, focused on providing excellent customer service and value, instilling a growth mindset, and aligning all resources with the mission of the company.


​Later, as President of Dorsey Trailers, she led a turnaround of the struggling truck-trailer manufacturer going from a $10 million operating loss to a small operating profit within two years.


Love and Learning


When we stop learning, we stop growing. 


From corporate leader to educational leader, Lorri has reinvented herself many times in the search for her own fulfillment. Disenchanted with business’ skewed focus on owner and shareholder value above sustainability and re-investment,

Lorri became a teacher at the Atlanta girls School, and soon, a school administrator, and finally, Chief Financial Officer of One Schoolhouse.


In Business on Purpose


It’s okay to play by your own rules and reinvent the game. That’s the key to innovation.


Lorri continued to move into greater personal fulfillment and freedom. She accepted and embraced the vision she had held for others for years. Today she embraces both purpose and prosperity in her work, and is an advocate for organizations operating with a high level of intentionality and awareness.


Lorri's desire to expand her own opportunities to serve provided the courage she needed to launch Love, Money, Purpose. 


As a coach, business strategist, and change cycle consultant, Lorri is both experiencing, and sharing, the infinite possibilities when prosperity and purpose intersect.

  • Go Givers Sell More by Bob Burg

  • Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

  • One Word by Jon Gordon

  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Lorri's Recommended Reading
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