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Be more and have more without doing more

"We thrive when we build our personal

brand from the inside out."



Love Money Purpose’s business philosophy believes:

  • Businesses are created with a strong belief in their mission and a deep desire to make a difference.

  • Businesses thrive when they continuously align their intentions and actions, and commit to bring their purpose to life through a set of guiding principles and values.


What disrupts alignment?

While the commitment to purpose remains steadfast, too often financial pressures, employee burnout, desires to expand, reduced funding, and no integrated planning process causes mission creep or mission stagnation.


Lorri provides personalized service based on each client's needs and desires to:

  • Bridge the gap between short-term financial realities and purpose.

  • Analyze business opportunities through a lens of purpose and prosperity.

  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of resources.

  • Clarify purpose and desired value.

  • Align intentions, values and actions.

  • Develop an integrated strategic and financial plan. 




Oftentimes goals and outcomes take priority over the underlying dynamics of how humans process change. The awareness of how we move through change, combined with practical tools enables organizations and individuals to navigate unknown territory and continuously grow.  The Change Cycle™ explores six predictable and sequential stages of change – loss, doubt, discomfort, discovery, understanding and integration.
Change Cycle™ workshops and education focus on managing personal change so we can learn how to collaborate with others and achieve our desired outcomes. Lorri Palko is a Certified Change Cycle™ consultant who offers a clear, powerful, well developed, and easy to follow model for predicting people's behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Learn how to make change work for you.





We all have a deep desire to make a difference. The individual coaching process is aimed at supporting you through the creative expression of your purpose. Coaching is a loving, supportive process of inquiry and examination. We will examine who you are, what you believe and what you value.


How does coaching work?


When we start from a loving place inside, we can unleash our individual power and the resources we need for living on purpose. We all get out of balance or stuck at times in pursuit of our dreams and longing to be of service. When we are out of balance we tend to become fearful and doubtful of our purpose, and may stray from our path.

Executive coaching helps organizational and corporate leaders find balance, and develop a clear path to carrying out intentions. What you can expect from the coaching process is one focused on partnership, as well as deep listening and exploration designed to help you reveal your own answers.

Lorri Palko

Lorri Palko is available for consultations to see how coaching can help you in all areas of your professional and personal life. Submit the form below to get started. 


—  Larry McDonald, President of Tricord Investment Advisors

”​My business coaching work with Lorri Palko, founder of Love Money Purpose, has transformed my business. Having reached a stagnant plateau with the company I founded over 10 years ago, Lorri helped me develop and understand the importance of my “why”, and how to focus my intentions on these rekindled passions.”​