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Play the Long Game

Business Consulting & Financial Stewardship

You created your business with a strong belief in your mission and a deep desire to make a difference. You deserve to make that a reality – one that works for you!


Challenges happen in every organization. Let Lorri show you, play by play, how to craft your unique game plan for success in any circumstance, on point with your purpose.


Organizations prosper when they align their intentions and actions, and commit to bring their purpose to life through a set of guiding principles and values.


“Even if your business is upside down, there are simple, short-term steps you can take to create a long-term future you can be proud of, and excited about.” ~ Lorri Palko


If you are faced with financial pressures, employee burnout, desires to expand, reduced funding, or need an integrated planning process, Lorri can help you get back on the road to realizing your vision.


Your Customized Game Plan Can Include:

  • Bridging the gap between short-term financial realities and purpose.

  • Developing an integrated strategic and financial plan. 

  • Analyzing business opportunities through a lens of purpose and prosperity.

  • Improving the productivity and efficiency of resources.

  • Clarifying purpose and desired value.

  • Aligning intentions, values and actions.

Managing change
Lorri Palko

Lorri Palko is available for consultations to see how her business consulting can help you grow your business on purpose. Submit the form below to get started. 

Our goal is to help you achieve purpose and prosperity.


—  Barron Ruth, CEO, Crossover Touring

”​As a new entrepreneur, the pressure to make the right decisions and lead strategically is intense. Lorri's business and financial insight gave me greater clarity and confidence in my ability to manage my business effectively. She provided practical tools for growing my business, and helped me trust in my own worth and value to the organization as a leader.”​

Executive Coaching
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