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A New Definition of a Leader

Is it time for the concept of a leader to evolve? Why am I asking this question?

We are always leading in one capacity or another whether that is in our work, relationships, or even the stories we tell. I would think we are all familiar with the traditional definition of a leader: a powerful person who controls or influences what other people do. On the one hand we all have tried to control and influence what others do and on the other hand we have allowed ourselves to be controlled.

What is it in us that drives our need to control or be controlled? Is it a fear of not getting what we want or a fear of not knowing what we want? Is it a belief that I know best or that someone else knows what’s best for me? Could it be that we just don’t trust ourselves?

Fears and unexamined beliefs create conditions of scarcity. Operating from those fears and beliefs is an exhausting proposition. Joy is at a minimum. Fulfillment is rarely realized. Resistance is magnified.

My own journey and experience in working with clients has convinced me that we need a more evolved definition of a leader. People are tired of pushing others to make things happen or feel like they are being pushed. Yet, if we don’t trust ourselves how else can we expect to behave.

As we manage our way through life both personally and professionally we begin to understand that we are it. We are the leader we have been looking for. We are the only ones that can control what we value, what our intention is, and how we take action. Leadership is an inside job that starts with self-awareness. My belief is we all have the desire to lead from and embrace our own unique self. Therefore, I suggest a more evolved definition of a leader: a powerful person who allows their soul to guide what they do and inspires others to do the same.

In a four-part blog series, we are going to examine some of our fears and beliefs while giving ourselves permission to live more in alignment with who we truly are. The topics in the blog series will be the following:

  • Reacting Unconsciously vs. Responding from Self-Awareness

  • Seeking Security vs. Embracing Uncertainty

  • Attachment to Outcomes vs. Engagement in the Process

  • Operating from Scarcity vs. Knowing Prosperity

Join me in this possibility and vibration of the new definition of a leader. At the end of the blog series, my hope is you will be tagged and welcome being IT.

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